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LUMINEERS BY CERINATE is the newest breakthrough in cosmetic dentistry. Developed by Den-Mat Corporation, one of the largest manufacturers of professional dental materials, LUMINEERS veneers are ultra-thin, permanent smile enhancers that transform worn, misshapen, broken, and discolored teeth into the most naturally beautiful smiles possible! LUMINEERS can only be made from patented Cerinate® Porcelain.

  • No anesthetic shots required, procedure is pain-free
  • Little to no reduction of painful tooth structure, unlike other traditional veneers procedures that require grinding and cutting of painful tooth structure
  • Patented Cerinate Porcelain from Den-Mat Corporation, a trusted name in dentistry and oral care. LUMINEERS can only be made from Cerinate Porcelain
  • No post-operative sensitivity
  • Only two visits necessary
  • Extremely natural-looking because they are contact-lens thin (approximately .2 mm) and translucent
  • No temporaries required
  • Restores and strengthens teeth. Helps prevent wear
  • Extraordinarily strong. Clinically proven to last up to 20 years.
  • A viable alternative to braces
  • Can be placed over crowns and to rejuvenate old dental bridgework
  • No micro-leakage or micro-cracking
  • Evolving from Cerinate Porcelain restorations, lauded as one of the "Top 10 Products" for 2004 by DENTAL PRODUCTS REPORT, a highly-respected professional publication
  • Five Pluses (+) and Editor's Choice from THE DENTAL ADVISOR 2005